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Contract Engg Services
A fundamental aspect of the Company's business strategy is to engage in projects from a range of sectors to avoid dependency on one or a few sectors. In view of BOT projects offering long-term sources of revenue, the Company intends to apply this philosophy to its developer business. Therefore, the Company is considering diversifying its developer activities into other sectors such as Irrigation, Transportation, Cargo & Bulk Handling Terminals.
MSIPL operates in construction business and undertakes projects in the following sectors: Irrigation projects such as cross-drainage works lift irrigation projects, dams and barrages. Industrial construction projects such as industrial parks, SEZs and related works. Transportation projects such as expressways, highways, bridges, flyovers and dedicated service corridors.
Building construction that includes commercial, residential, public, institutional and corporate buildings, mass housing projects and related infrastructure and facilities such as hospitals and shopping malls.
Our Engg Services Includes
Project Management
Highway developpent – BOT projects
Turnkey Solutions
Residentiel & Commercial Project
Industrial & Warehouse solutions
Real Estate Transaction solutions