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Renewable Energy
Solar Thermal
Concentrated solar ray's converts water to super-heated steam which is used to produce power from steam turbine.
Large scale power production by Patented MSIPL Technology using LFR platform.
Power generation can have good grid connectivity.
Excellent MSIPL Technology for steam requirement in Process industry.
Easy to hybrid with plants producing power by steam generation using conventional fuels / biomass,etc.
Solar Photovoltaic
Converts solar energy directly to power and easy to implement.
Technology can be used for small to large applications.
Easy to hybrid with wind power in small to medium size power generation.
Investments are lower.
Very high production word over including India,and large scale capacity additions, will bring down the prices further.
Hybrid of Solar PV and small wind turbine has huge potential in India.
Rural electrification of non-grid area is the big challenge. There are about 1 million rural homes need power.
A micro grid system for a village will be an ideal application.
Another application for Hybrid of solar /wind is tele communication towers in remote and rural areas. This is more technology oriented area as non-stop power is required for all 24 hrs.
Currently about 250,000 towers need this facility of uninterrupted supply. The set up will be about 10KW, which includes wind turbine, Solar PV, high capacity storage batteries, generator, SMPS, and automatic control system.
Rural Electrification
Micro Grid
Solar / Hybrid Power
Remote Monitoring & Payment